From Indianapolis, IN. Craigslist Ad.


MASTER seeks naturally submissive woman for candidate as SUB.You must be over 18,desire to be trained in obedience,loyalty,respect.honor,service,and pleasure to your MASTER.You must exchange power,may be married or in a relationship,continue to live your vanilla life,as well as submit to my world when with MASTER.What you can expect is a MASTER who understands you,your needs,desires,what drives you,how to control you and what is needed to fill the void in your being.A MASTER who is demanding,no nonsense,who is rewarding when you are a good girl,punishing when you are bad.A MASTER who will enable you to realize your dreams,desires.MASTER is well versed in all disciplines,will train.Respond with personal description,limits,and change post title to MASTER so you are not deleted as spam or bot.

Dear Master,
1. What era slash crazy rpg are you living in?
2. Have you ever heard of spaces after periods?

(Avg: Need 5 votes)



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lmao I was totally going to mention this too XD “2. Have you ever heard of spaces after periods?”
geeze - i feel like there should be some type of standard on craigslist lol even if that defeats the purpose of the site or at least the dating section
super weird.

Your comments are funny, Lexi!!!! cause I thought the same thing!!! >.<
this ad is creeping me out actually….. this person needs to learn the punctuation rules!!!!!


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