Courtesy of YourTango with a CrazySingleLife twist, here are four things that women love to hear on the first date.

1. You look great today (insert more specific compliment if possible here.)
We’re shallow, work with that. The easiest thing a guy can do is feed our egos and tell us our hair looks great. Women, on average, spend a lot of time prepping for a date, and we want our hard work to get noticed, so notice! What could be better than knowing that our shy blush and quiet thank you was because of one simple compliment that you made? Nothing. And trust me, it sets off the mood for the rest of the date. Just keep in mind not to OD on them. Too much and we’re either going to think you’re a playa with a capital P, or just slightly awkward.

2. You’re really smart, you know that?
Why, yes, as a matter of fact we do. But it can never hurt to hear it again. Now I’m not getting all feminist here, but we women are proud of our brains. In our society, it’s refreshing to meet a guy who’ll own up to when a girl is smarter than him. Praise what’s outside and inside, because most of the time, what’s inside is what matters more.

3. Well, to be honest…
Yes! We like feeling that we’re special and that what you’re going to tell us is something you’ve never told anyone else before (and if you have, well, we don’t need to know that). But more importantly, we like taking a break from talking about ourselves (that can get very tiring after a while) and learning more about you. After all, the reason why we probably agreed on the first date is because we think there’s just something about you that we want to know more about.

4. Don’t worry, I’ve got it covered (the bill).
Now I ain’t sayin’ we gold-diggers, but women like knowing that chivalry isn’t dead. Although we obviously don’t go into a date expecting you to pay for it, it is a nice surprise and just opens up more doors for a potential relationship. You paid for dinner? I’ll treat you to dessert. Or even a simple, “Hey, thanks, I owe you one,” is cue enough to know that a second date is definitely on the horizon. And every girl has a romantic side, so tap into that.

Disclaimer: The aforementioned four things that women love to hear on a first date are merely tips to act as guidelines slash food for thought. Please do not actually attempt all four lines on a first date and expect miraculous results. CrazySingleLife also does not guarantee the success of any one of these lines, although if none of them work there’s something wrong with your date.