Do you have an iPhone 4? Are you single and looking for someone right now? Then you are a perfect candidate for Visual Friend, an online dating site for iPhone 4 users that lets them use FaceTime. This website calls themselves the “World’s First iPhone 4 Community.”

How do you get started? It’s quite easy. First you register, upload a photo of yourself, and then answer these questions: “Do you consider yourself a flirt?” and “Do you live with your parents?” Not sure why the first question is relevant to anything, but once you are done, you can start browsing profiles to find someone to chat with. After you find someone, you gotta exchange phone numbers with that person since a phone number is needed to use FaceTime.

OK. I think it’s good that they have a website for iPhone 4 users, but I would NOT want to start video-chatting someone right after I meet that person online. I guess those people don’t care about being awkward and weird? Well, if you want to start using this website, you can go here. Let me know how it goes!