Not long ago, GeekSugar put out a list of their Top 10 Tech Dating Blunders to Avoid, and they pretty much nailed modern technology right on the head. With today’s society, it’s so much easier to hide behind your text messages and computer screens than talk to your significant other face-to-face, but here are some reasons why tech dating can fizz out.

1. Dumping via text . . . or email, or Twitter, or Facebook
Pretty much the golden rule of all electronic dating, breaking up with someone through a text message or email is harsh, insensitive, and shows you don’t care for said ex-significant other. Changing your Facebook status to ’single’ might be the easy way out, but come on, that’s only less a-holey than broadcasting to all your followers via Twitter through a 140 character message that you’ve broken up. Dumping someone in person is harder, but after the initial crying and weeping, you’ll feel like a much better person.

2. Spying
Facebook stalking, I’m down with that. Google searching is still chill to an extent. But legit spying? Can you say turn off? Trust, that hopeful little intangible feeling, is the keystone of all good relationships, so if you’re going to be OCD checking your boyfriend/girlfriend’s web history, text messages, emails, and god knows what else, don’t be surprised if you end up relationship-less a few weeks later. Spying makes the other person feel suffocated–and what’s so unspeakable that you can’t ask them face-to-face? It’s also just creepy, so just no.

3. Not calling
Yeah, I’m guilty of this one, too. In the 21st century, it’s just that much easier sending a good night text than calling to wish them sweet dreams. After all, you’re given that much more time to think when texting, IM-ing, or emailing. But if you guys are consistently not physically talking, where’s the essence in that relationship? Sure your remarks via phone calls might be less witty and humorous than your texts, but they get to know the real you, and that’s why they went out with you in the first place (I hope). I’m not saying texting isn’t cool, but by no means make it the first method of communication. Call that person, too–they’ll enjoy hearing your voice and you’ll enjoy hearing theirs as well.

For the full list of tech dating blunders, check out the original article here.