Friends are supposed to be there to help you, right? Maybe not. Some may be the very reason of your unhappiness. The only solution is to give them a boot out of your life. Here are some friends that you might consider kicking out:

1. The Advice-Giver

You know those people who give all the advice they can muster but never seem to take it themselves? That’s the therapist. They constantly give you advice even when you don’t ask for it. If advice is all they give you, it may be time to say goodbye, but if you love them for other reasons, avoid any conversations that could lead to their advice.

2. The Selfish

This one is practically a no-brainer. Some friends just think of themselves before any other human specimen. If you’re tired of a friend is so selfish that it drives you nuts, haul out the boot.

3. The Flaw Finder

Of course the friend who constantly digs and shovels for your faults; correcting you or being negative is their hobby. It’s not hard to point out this friend in the clique. You can tell them lightly that they’re being too negative for your liking or just give them a kick.

4. The Copy Cat

Being the most common and most annoying, we all have that irritating pal that seems to be a corny replica of you. They seem to mimic you in every way possible; clothes, hair, words, you name it! It’s pretty difficult to confront them about the irritation they cause because it will most likely end up with them being offended and a tarnished friendship but it may be the best for you to heave them out.

5. The One Who Makes Empty Promises

With a friend who breaks promises, you might consider questioning whether they’re your friend or not. Some friends just can’t commit and constantly make promises they can’t keep which can cause you disappointment. You don’t need a friend like that so if you’re at your breaking point, you should probably dump them.

6. The Criminal

The title of this friend may be dramatic but truly, we will find someone who breaks the rules for a living. The one that drives drunk, shoplifts, does drugs, and other reckless things is the friend that would be the most dangerous in your pack of pals. It only gets worse if they attempt to persuade you in joining them in their acts of not-so-good. If you can’t change their choices, then it’d be best for you to dump them.

7. The Competitive

We all compete with our friends for good fun, but when it turns ugly, that’s when we have to realize that maybe things need a chance. Some friends can be fun to compete with because they know losing is not completely dire, but there are the friends who are sore losers. Competitive only comes to an extent before it becomes deadly. If your friend absolutely needs to be better than you in any way, or else they may go ballistic, then it’s time to talk and sort things out or just split up.

8. The Dependent

A friend who depends on you is a normal friend, but if they need you at all times and cannot seem to live without you, this may be an issue. They are demanding and need you to stabilize them consistently. This friend is one that you can either choose to endure (and suffer eternally but help a friend) or just kick out of your life.

9. The Abuser

Tolerating an annoying friend is alright, but tolerating someone that verbally, sexually or physically abuses you isn’t. This is a friend you don’t want to have around because it will not benefit either one of you. By the end of your run, you’ll both be corrupted. It’s best to contact help for the both of you and maybe time will fix the damage.

10. The Backstabber

If they purposely cause you unhappiness, they’re definitely not your friend. A backstabber is the last person you want it in your life. They might start small by spreading rumors about you that are false but their actions may become harsher in the future. It’s best to get rid of this friend ASAP smoothly.

11. The Puppet-Master

This is the friend that orders you around like you’re at military camp. They push and pull you as they please and you allow them to. Without asking your opinion, they’ll make you do things they want to do. It’s harder to fix them than to separate from them but if your friend means that much to you, you can attempt the first. But if you’re in pretty deep, it’s best to do the latter and break your ties.

12. The Bummer

There’s always that one person in the group that decides to add rain on sunny days. Those that make cynical and negative comments that are unnecessary. If they’re so depressing, they may need professional help. If you care so much for them, you can try to help them, but if not then it’d be best to break off the friendship because you’ll both end up with unhappy personalities.

I definitely can see some of my buddies with these traits. I don’t think I could ever push them out of my life unless they want to leave though.

Do you have any friends with these traits?


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thanks for the information..
i need to stay away from these kind of people...>.<

Definitely. Better get out of those unhealthy relationships fast!

sometimes.. i get fed up with ppl with these traits!

I hate the flaw finders they make your life so miserable.

i hate the backstabbers & puppet-master ones the most =_____= totally broken away from those.

Yup, you said it sister! lol...I definitely have some friends that fit with some of these traits. I don’t mind if they don’t take it too far otherwise I just ignore them.

this list is definitely right. you don’t need friends like these


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