Any woman with online dating experience will know what road to go down. But take a look at This site was first thought of in France when two friends grew tired of women complaining of uncomfortable online dating. Now the site has hit the US, which aims to put women in the relationship driving seat.

Women can virtually shop for men on the “market of love”. Less than a minute is what it takes to sign up. But there is a catch – that a man can only talk to you if he is in your shopping cart. You profile earns popularity from user views on your profile, and messages. So basically, everything is within your control. Splendid!

What are your thoughts on the website?


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the part that disturbs me is that they’re treating guys like objects...>_<;

Um, I don’t know if I like this. -___- It’s like men are objects to shop for…

It sounds interesting that women are in control. But it would be disappoint for the guys. Thanks for sharing.

Interesting but in general, dating sites creep me out. It’s difficult to actually trust who you’re ‘dating’ online.

i dun believe in online dating.....not secure enough and not real..usually online men are bad men..they cheat about everything

men on alway lies on dating website!! the name of the website is funny “” LOL

LMFAO… the site sounds funny to me XD “” ... xDD
man… dating sites come up with funny names… XD
first “plentyoffish” and now this LOL!

I don’t know the good that comes out from dating sites. Sure, you can meet someone but it always gives me the creeps lol.

Personally I don’t like dating sites raspberry


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